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DR. BATTERY Dell Laptop Battery Selling J1KND Replacement Max 77% OFF M5010 For

DR. BATTERY Dell Laptop Battery J1KND Replacement For Dell M5010


DR. BATTERY Dell Laptop Battery J1KND Replacement For Dell M5010


Product Description


DR. BATTERY is the researcher and distributor of high quality mobile power solutions including next generation lithium-ion technology batteries, battery packs, and AC adapters for laptops and other portable electronic devices.

Since 2006, the DR. BATTERY brand has reached over one million households in 50 countries. Our customers also include corporations, educational institutes, government agencies, and repair centers.




Inspiron Series:

13R, 13R (3010-D330), 13R (3010-D370HK), 13R (3010-D370TW), 13R (3010-D381), 13R (3010-D430), 13R (3010-D460HK), 13R (3010-D460TW), 13R (3010-D480), 13R (3010-D520), 13R (3010-D621), 13R (Ins13RD-348), 13R (Ins13RD-438), 13R (Ins13RD-448), 13R (Ins13RD-448LR), 13R (N3010), 13R (T510431TW), 13R (T510432TW), 13R N3010, 14 (N4050), 14 3420, 14R, 14R (4010-D330), 14R (4010-D370HK), 14R (4010-D370TW), 14R (4010-D381), 14R (4010-D382), 14R (4010-D430), 14R (4010-D460HK), 14R (4010-D460TW), 14R (4010-D480), 14R (4010-D520), 14R (Ins14RD-438), 14R (Ins14RD-448B), 14R (Ins14RD-458), 14R (N4010), 14R (N4110), 14R (T510401TW), 14R (T510402TW), 14R (T510403TW), 14R M4110, 14R M5110, 14R N-0591BK, 14R N-1228BK, 14R N-1364DBK, 14R N-1818DBK, 14R N4010, 14R N4110, 14R N4110-1685DB, 14R N4110-7255DBK, 14R N4110-7616DBK, 14R N4110-7616FIR, 14R N4110-7616PBL, 14R N4110-8073DBK, 14R N5110, 14R N-985DBK, 14R-1181MRB, 14R-1296, 14R-1296LPK, 14R-1296PBL, 14R-1296TMR, 14R-1440, 14R-1440LPK, 14R-1440MRB, 14R-1440PBL, 14R-1440TMR, 14R-1445, 14R-1445LPK, 14R-1445MRB, 14R-1445PBL, 14R-1445TMR, 14R-2265, 14R-2265MRB, 14RN-1364PBL, 14Z-0256BK, 14Z-1500SLV, 14Z-2026DBK, 14Z-3355DBK, 14Z-4300SLV, 14Z-4303BK, 14Z-5000SLV, 14Z-5726BK, 14Z-6678DBK, 15 (3520), 15 3521, 15N-0909BK, 15N-1294BK, 15N-1818BK, 15N-1910BK, 15N-2547BK, 15N-2591BK, 15N-2657OBK, 15N-2718OBK, 15N-2727BK, 15N-2727OBK, 15N-2727SBK, 15N-2728BK, 15N-2729BK, 15N-2732BK, 15N-2733BK, 15N-2818OBK, 15N-3000BK, 15N-3001BK, 15N-4092BK, 15N-5040, 15R, 15R (5010-D330), 15R (5010-D370HK), 15R (5010-D382), 15R (5010-D430), 15R (5010-D460HK), 15R (5010-D480), 15R (5010-D481), 15R (5010-D520), 15R (Ins15RD-458B), 15R (Ins15RD-488), 15R (N5010), 15R (N5110), 15R 5010, 15R 5010-D458B, 15R 5010-D488, 15R-1009MRB, 15R-1110MRB, 15R-1158MRB, 15R-1161MRB, 15R-1197MRB, 15R-1632SLV, 15R-1633SLV, 15R-1803MRB, 15R-1835MRB, 15R-2105MRB, 15R-2105SLV, 15R-2106SLV, 15R-2108SLV, 15R-2386MRB, 15R-2632SLV, 15R-2635SLV, 15R-2728MRB, 15R-2809MRB, 15R-526MRB, 15R-789MRB, 15RM, 15RM-1765BK, 15RM-1766BK, 15RM-4121BK, 15RM-7412DBK, 15RN, 15RN-2727BK, 15RN-3647BK, 15RN-3647DBK, 15RN-3882BK, 15RN-4706BK, 15RN5110-5816DBK, 15RN5110-7126DBK, 15RN5110-7223DBK, 15RN-5882DBK, 15RSE-2833BK, 15RSE-4500BK, 15RSE-6167BK, 17R, 17R (N7010), 17R (N7110), 17R-1053MRB, 17R-1316MRB, 17R-1579MRB, 17R-2105SLV, 17R-2368S, 17R-2368SLV, 17R-2569M, 17R-2569MRB, 17R-2587MRB, 17R-2950M, 17R-2950MRB, 17R-6121DBK, 17R-6434D, 17R-6434DBK, 17R-7626DBK, 17R-964MRB, 17RN, 17RN-2929BK, 17RN-2944BK, 17RN-3294BK, 17RN-3530, 17RN-3530DBK, 17RN-4121BK, 17RN-4708DBK, 17RN-4708DBKC, 17RN-4709DBK, 17RN-5047, 17RN-5047BK, 17RN-5295BK, 17RN-5296BK, 17RV-3529DBK, 3010-D330, 3010-D370HK, 3010-D370TW, 3010-D381, 3010-D430, 3010-D460HK, 3010-D460TW, 3010-D480, 3010-D520, 3010-D621, 4010-D330, 4010-D370HK, 4010-D370TW, 4010-D381, 4010-D382, 4010-D430, 4010-D460HK, 4010-D460TW, 4010-D480, 4010-D520, 5010-D330, 5010-D370HK, 5010-D382, 5010-D430, 5010-D460HK, 5010-D480, 5010-D481, 5010-D520, Ins13RD-348, Ins13RD-438, Ins13RD-448, Ins13RD-448LR, Ins14RD-438, Ins14RD-448B, Ins14RD-458, Ins15RD-458B, Ins15RD-488, M4040, M4110, M411R, M501, M5010, M5010D, M5010R, M501D, M501R, M501R-1212LPK, M501R-1212MRB, M501R-1212PBL, M501R-1212SMG, M501R-1212TMR, M501R-1655MRB, M501R-1748MRB, M5030, M5030-1719OBK, M5030-1723OBK, M5030-1920OBK, M5030-2792B3D, M5030-2800B3D, M5030-2836B3D, M5030-2857OBK, M5030D, M5030R, M5040, M5110, M511R, M7110, N3010, N3010D, N3010D-148, N3010D-168, N3010D-178, N3010D-248, N3010D-268, N3010R, N3110, N4010, N4010-148, N4010D, N4010D-148, N4010D-158, N4010D-248, N4010D-258, N4010R, N4011, N4011D, N4050, N4110, N4110 series, N4120, N5010, N5010D, N5010D-148, N5010D-168, N5010D-258, N5010-D278, N5010D-278, N5010R, N5011, N5011R, N5020, N5030, N5030-2450B3D, N5030D, N5030R, N5040, N5050, N5110, N7010, N7010D, N7010R, N7011, N7110, T510401TW, T510402TW, T510403TW, T510431TW, T510432TW

Vostro Series:

1440, 1450, 1540, 1550, 2420, 2520, 3450, 3550, 3550N, 3555, 3750



04YRJH, 06P6PN, 07XFJJ, 08NH55, 0YXVK2, 312-0233, 312-0234, 312-0235, 312-0239, 312-0240, 312-1180, 312-1197, 312-1198, 312-1200, 312-1201, 312-1202, 312-1204, 312-1205, 312-1206, 312-1262, 383CW, 40Y28, 451-11510, 451-11948, 4T7JN, 4YRJH, 5XF44, 8NH55, 965Y7, 9JR2H, 9T48V, 9TCXN, GK2X6, HHWT1, J1KND, J4XDH, JXFRP, P07F, P07F001, P07F002, P07F003, P08E, P10F, P10S, P11G, P14E, P17F, P18E, P18F, P20G, P20G001, P20G002, P22G, PPWT2, W7H3N, WT2P4, YXVK2


  • Please confirm your laptop model and battery number before placing an order


  1. Please hit the [Ctrl] + [F] button on your keyboard to find your laptop model and original battery number from the list above.
  2. The battery number and voltage can be found on your original battery.
  3. Please also confirm the voltage of your original battery before placing an order.
  4. We are more than happy to assist you if you have any questions regarding our batteries and compatibility.

DR. BATTERY is a True Canadian Brand!

  • Established since 2006
  • Over 15 Years of Experience
  • Copyright 2021
  • Dr. Power. All Rights Reserved.

DR. BATTERY Dell Laptop Battery J1KND Replacement For Dell M5010

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Venator WIP#3

Imperial Nebulon WIP#5

Structural update and some design notes. The negative space right forward of the engine block in the original studio model looked like it had something large pulled out of that section. Since the available power/acceleration numbers of the Nebulon-B in … Continued